Writing Studios

About Writing Studios

  • Writing Studios are designed to help graduate students like you with academic writing by presenting, modeling, and helping practice theory-based writing management strategies.
  • Keep in mind that Writing Studios are not classes; there is no course credit, no assignments and no tuition.
  • Writing Studios meet once a week for one month on the Texas A&M campus in College Station. 

Basic Writing Studio

The Basic Writing Studio focuses on providing tips and strategies to help you write more and frequently with less stress.

Sessions include:

  • Tips,
  • Suggestions,
  • Motivators,
  • Q&As, and
  • Time devoted to writing.

Intro to Power Grant Writing Studio

  • This Studio will introduce participants to the art and philosophy of writing successful grant proposals for research funding: the type of writing successful proposals require, how to effectively communicate with reviewers, and how to find funding sources, are some of the topics covered.

Advanced Writing Studio

The Advanced Writing Studio will focus on editing strategies for participants who already took a Basic Studio and/or either of the following writing courses:

  • CEHD 603
  • HLTH 659

The Advanced Writing Studio teaches participants editing strategies for their own writing, as well as allows them to continue practicing and refining foundational principals they learned in the Basic Writing Studio.

Undergraduate Writing Studio

  • This Studio will help undergraduate students to gain tips and strategies to write more, write better, and with less stress.