Instructions for Contacting a POWER Partner

Because we wish to protect the Partners’ contact information, please follow these steps to get in touch with the POWER Partner of your choice:

  1. Select a Partner from the list below.
  2. Click on the button: “Request Contact Information”
  3. Write a quick email to Dr. Qian Ji, the POWER Assistant.
  4. Specify the name of the Partner for whom you want contact information, in that email.
  5. Qian will send you the contact information for your POWER Partner within 24 hs of your request (it may take a bit longer during weekends).


Lina Shu

Ph.D. Student, Department of Educational Psychology
Languages: English, Chinese

Lina Shu is a second-year Ph.D. in the bilingual and ESL program at Educational Psychology Department. She is working at the Office of Transformational Teaching and Learning in the College of Liberal Arts as a graduate assistant. Her research interests are second language acquisition and emotional influences on second language learning.

Sarah B.

Ph.D. Student
Languages: English, Spanish

Weiqi Guo

Ph.D. student, Bilingual Education
Languages: English, Chinese

Research interest in second language acquisition, language teaching, and pragmatics development.