Writing Studios


What are Writing Studios?

  • Writing Studios are designed to help graduate students like you with academic writing by presenting, modeling, and helping practice theory-based writing management strategies.
  • Keep in mind that the Writing Studios are not classes (i.e., no credit, no assignments, no tuition = FREE).
  • Writing Studios meet once a week for one month on the Texas A&M Campus in College Station. Find out more about Writing Studios in our Frequently Asked Questions page.


BASIC Writing Studio

  • The BASIC Writing Studio focuses on providing tips and strategies to help you write more, write frequently, and with less stress.
  • You will be encouraged to bring a current writing assignment, write regularly during the month, and keep track of your writing times and progress. The sessions will include: tips, suggestions, motivators, question-and-answers, and time devoted to writing.


ADVANCED Writing Studio

  • The ADVANCED Writing Studio will focus on editing strategies for participants who already took a BASIC Studio and/or either of the following writing courses: CEHD 603 or HLTH 659. 
  • The ADVANCED Writing Studio teaches participants strategies for editing their own writing; it also allows participants to continue practicing and refining foundational principles they learned in the BASIC Writing Studio. Therefore, students should not take an ADVANCED Studio without having taken a BASIC Studio or a writing class (i.e., CEHD 603 or HLTH 659).


How does registration for the Writing Studios work?