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What it is:

The POWER Hour is a one hour free writing consultation service for Texas A&M graduate students and faculty provided by trained, volunteer POWER consultants.

What it is not:

The POWER Hour is NOT a proof-reading or editing service. 

What you can expect during a POWER Hour:

During the POWER Hour, you will be able to discuss the writing process, learn about patterns of problems in your writing, and practical tips for dealing with those problems. When you go to a POWER Hour, take only a small portion (2-3 pages) of your writing for a consultant to read/work with you.


Several POWER consultants can hold a POWER appointment via video Skype. If you are not on campus, choose one of these consultants to help you (when scheduling, a consultant that has SKYPE capability will have the information listed on his/her schedule).

Multi-Lingual Consultants:

Many POWER consultants speak more than one language. If you are an international student or faculty, you may wish to find a consultant that also speaks your language, so your conversations about writing can be even richer.

How to sign up:

Click the link at the top of this page! Please remember, all our consultants are volunteers, so please sign up at least 48 hours before an appointment time. While Google will officially allow you to sign up for an appointment after that, we cannot guarantee that the consultant will be available or will be notified of the appointment in time to contact you and cancel. Additionally, please do not sign up for appointments more than two weeks in advanced.