1. Make sure you have read and understood the information regarding Writing Studios and the information the FAQ page before filling out the REQUEST Form.

  2. IMPORTANT:  Filling out the REQUEST Form does NOT mean you are registered!!! IF AND ONLY IF you make it into the limited registration slots (we fill up very quickly and place people based on the order they fill out the form), you will receive an email from POWER confirming your registration + information about the room location of the studio. If you do not make the registration list, you will not receive an email from POWER but you will be placed on a waiting list. Please do not email POWER asking about your registration, waiting list status, or the room location of the studio (if you make it to registration, we will let you know). In the meantime, we are busy making sure we register and communicate with everyone appropriately. THANK YOU!!

  3. Choose the Writing Studio that you qualify for and best fits your schedule. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make sure you do not have a time conflict with the studio of your choice!!!

  4. Note: If you click on the BASIC and/or ADVANCED REQUEST Form and it says "submissions for this form are closed" it is because we have reached maximum capacity for registration AND the waiting list and/or the REQUEST Forms are simply not open at this time.