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Who We Are

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We are a group of graduate students and faculty members who have gone through the POWER training process. We come from different backgrounds and writing experiences, but we have one thing in common: We believe anyone can learn to write academically given the right tools and applying the tools to their own writing development (and, we believe we can continually develop/ improve our writing).



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Read our Writing 

Some of us have become so inspired to write (and believe us, many of us did not consider ourselves "writers" before we were part of POWER!), that we began our own writing projects outside of traditional academic writing (although we still do lots and lots of this primarily!). Click the link to read some of our work. You'll be in for a treat!

Personal and/or Collective Blogs

  • POWER Blog - a blog where POWER Writing Conultants share reflections, resources, and practical ideas related to writing.
  • Writing Uphill, by Jennifer Travis - a fun, insightful and inspiring blog about a Texas A&M graduate student's experience with writing.
  • Living on a [Writing] Prayer, by Tracey Hodges - an insightful and down-to-earth blog documenting the academic writing journey of scholar and writer.
  • MiraNous, by Miranda Walichowski - a blog filled great and inspiring practical information for educators and parents focused on learning.
  • Ph.D. Pudding, by Margarita (Maggie) Huerta - tips, tools, and advice on the Ph.D. experience.


Blog Posts/Articles We've Written on Other Websites/Mediums 


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For POWER Consultants

  • Live Long and Prosper...in an Academic Job, by Dr. Tim Lightfoot (Guest talk for POWER on the entire academic job search and interview process.)