Meet the POWER Consultants!

Active P.O.W.E.R. Consultants (Fall 2017) 

Dr. Sandra Acosta

Sandra Acosta, is an assistant professor in the Bilingual Education Program in the Educational Psychology Department of Texas A & M. Her research interests include practitioner research—action research—as a mediator of transformative learning for teachers and biliteracy with an emphasis on oral language development in academic registers.

 Languages: English, Spanish

 POWER Hour Location: Skype 



Amie Klien Carreon

Amie is a first year doctoral student in Health Education in the Department of Health and Kinesiology. Her interests include school health and sexuality education.

       Languages: English

      POWER hour location: Blocker 



Dr. Leishih chen 

Dr. Lei-Shin Chen is an Associate Professor in Health Education within the Department of Health and Kinesiology. 

 Languages: English and Chinese

POWER hour location: Blocker



Jamie Doster

I am graduate student in Health Education. My research interest are weight maintenance behaviors for obesity prevention and lean more towards qualitative research.

Languages: English

POWER hour location: Skype



Qian Ji

Qian Ji is a doctoral candidate in Health Education within the Department of Health & Kinesiology at Texas A&M University. Her research investigates the relationship between expressive writing and health outcomes, especially stress management among graduate students. She is also engaged in promoting academic writing strategies among international academics and has recently delivered several workshops on the POWER Writing Model to health care researchers in China. This is the fifth year for her as a POWER Consultant.

Languages: English, Chinese

POWER hour location: Blocker.


Carly Jennings 

Carly has a master's degree in Educational Human Resource Development and is a PhD student in the Sociology program. P.O.W.E.R. hours with Carly are available in English or Spanish. Her research interests include Education and Race, Class, Gender, and Social Psychology.

Languages: English and Spanish

POWER Hour Location: Skype


Wei Jiang

Wei is a third-year doctoral student majoring in ESL in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture. She received her BA in English Linguistics and Literature and MA in Applied Linguistics. Her research interests are English as a  Second/Foriegn Language  writing and speaking, corrective feedback and task-based language teaching.

      Languages: English and Chinese

      POWER hour location: Skype



Dr. Patricia Goodson

Dr. Goodson's research agenda focuses on sexual health of adolescents and adults, public health genomics, and complexity sciences as applied to health promotion/public health.

Dr. Goodson has Ph.D. in Health Education from The University of Texas at Austin (but folks at A&M don't hold that against her, thankfully!), a Master's in General Theological Studies (from Covenant Theological Seminary), and a Master's in Philosophy of Education (PUCCAMP, Brazil). She has authored a couple of books, including "Becoming an Academic Writer: 50 Exercises for Paced, Productive and Powerful Writing", published by SAGE.

POWER hour location: Blocker; Also available via Skype 

Dr. Jim Izat

Jim Izat currently serves as a Senior Research Development Officer in Texas A&M University’s Division of Research. In the past eighteen years he has served as a university faculty member, been a creator of faculty professional development in grant writing, served as a program officer on two internal TAMU grant programs, worked with faculty individually and in small groups as an funding agency grant writing consultant and editor of grant submissions and has been an author of journal articles, book chapters, instructional resources, and short story and novel-length fiction.

Languages: English

POWER Hour Location: Williams Adminstration Building


Dr. Jiling Liu

Jiling is a Instructional Assistant Professor in the Department of Health & Kinesiology. His research interests include self-regulated learning, motivation and physical activity, and effective teaching. As a writer, Jiling focuses on writing clarity and organization. He is excited to be a POWER consultant and ready to help others develop a writing habit.

Languages: English, Chinese

POWER Hour Location: Blocker; Also available via Skype 

Dr. Sharon Matthews

Sharon is a Clinical Assistant Professor of reading in the department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture. Her research interests include: disciplinary literacy, reader motivation, and writing-to-learn pedagogy.

 Languages: English 

 POWER hour location: Harrington Tower 



Rahma Mkuu

  Howdy! I'm a second year PhD Student in Health Education. My research focuses on the social determinants of health. Topics include obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS. The POWER model created a paradigm shift in my writing I am excited about sharing the tools, and supporting fellow graduate students!  

     Languages: English and Swahili 

POWER hour location: Blocker - TCHER; Also available via Skype or Google Hangouts



Jordan Nelon

 Jordan Nelon is a second year PhD Health Education student in the department of Health and Kinesiology. Her research interests include teen pregnancy prevention and sexuality.

 Languages: English 

 POWER hour location: Blocker Building


Angelica Ribeiro

Angelica Ribeiro is a PhD student in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture. Her research interest is second language acquisition, specifically through interactions and collaborative learning. I am happy to be a POWER consultant  because I really enjoy writing and supporting others with their goals.

 Languages: English and Portuguese

 POWER hour location: Skype



Jeong Hyun Park

Jeong Hyun is a doctoral candidate in ESL within the Department of Teaching, Learning & Culture. Her current research investigates the role of suprasegmental processing in reading among bilingual speakers. With her enthusiasm in writing, Jeong Hyun has worked as a writing consultant in Korea and joined POWER since 2015.

Languages: English, Korean

 POWER hour location: Skype



Dena Rezaei 

Dena Rezaei is a Ph.D. candidate in the Human Resource Development program at the College of Education and Human Development. Her current research interests are talent development, technology and social media, and innovative methods of learning and teaching.

Languages: English, Farsi

 POWER hour location: Skype



Nicola Ritter​

Dr. Nicola L. Ritter is an Instructional Assistant Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology (emphasis in Learning Science), a MEd in Curriculum & Instruction (emphasis in Educational Technology) and a certificate in Education & Social Science Advanced Research Methods (emphasis in measurement, item response theory, and meta-analysis). Her primary research interests are focused on instructional design, assessment, and program evaluation to improve educational research methods and digital equity issues.

Languages: English

POWER Hour location: Veterinary & Biomedical Education Complex



Lisa Sanchez

Howdy! I am a 3rd year doctoral student majoring in Special Education in the Educational Psychology department. My research interests include positive behavior supports, preventing challenging behavior, and early childhood education.

Languages: English

POWER hour location: Harrington; Also available via Google Hangouts



Melika Shirmohammadi

 Melika Shirmohammadi is a Ph.D. candidate in the Human Resource Development program at the College of Education and Human Development. Her current research interests  include career development and innovations in training and development. Melika has served as a writing consultant for almost four years now.

Languages: English, Farsi

POWER Hour Location: Harrington Tower; Also available via Skype



Kayla Sweet 

 Howdy! I am a former high school Agricultural Science Instructor. I am a doctorial candidate in Educational Psychology in Learning Sciences. My research interests are in stay-at-home fathers, child development, and distance education.


Languages: English

POWER hour location: Phone

Danny Valdez

My name is Danny Valdez and I am a PhD student in Health Education. My research interests include global health pandemics, public policy, and research ethics. I teach courses in PEAP and HLTH and try, when applicable, to incorporate POWER methods in undergraduate writing.

Languages:English, Spanish

POWER Hour Location: Blocker; Also available via Skype 




Crystal Vinal

 Howdy! I'm currently a masters student in Health Education. My research interest include first responder (firefighter, police officer) health promotion and disease prevention.

 Languages: English

 POWER Hour Location: Google Hangouts




Shuang Wu

Shuang Wu has a Ph.D in ESL education. Her research interests are biliteracy acquisition and early writing development.

 Languages: English and Chinese 

 POWER hour location: Library Annex




Xinyuan Yang

Howdy! I am a doctoral student in ESL. My research interest includes how nonnative speakers of English learn to read and write, and how being able to speak two languages influences literacy development.  I also teach writing intensive courses for preservice teachers in TLAC.  I enjoy working with graduate students and supporting each other in the journey of academic writing!  

Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese

POWER hour location: Harrington Tower, Skype, Google Hangout.


Leily Ziglari

 Howdy, I am a third-year doctoral student in “Reading and Language Arts”. My research interests are language acquisition and development in children, and statistics in language science for which I received an award. Writing is a critical language  skill that needs to be developed and I love to share the fellow aggies with the art of academic writing that I have learned.

 Languages: English, Persian

 POWER hour location: Harrington and/or Skpye. 



Wendi Zimmer

Wendi Zimmer is a PhD student studying reading education in the TLAC department. Her research interests include new literacies and graduate level writing efficacy. She is thrilled to be a member of POWER and excited to help others gain confidence as writers.

 Languages: English

 POWER hour location: EDCT