Frequently Asked Questions

When are Writing Studios offered?

  • Studios are TYPICALLY (this can change!!) offered September and October of the fall semester and February, March, and April of the spring semester and SOMETIMES during the summer session.


How often and where do the Writing Studios meet?

  • Writing Studios meet once a week for one month (= 3 to 4 sessions) on the Texas A&M Campus in College Station.


How does registration work?

  • Fill out the appropriate (i.e., BASIC or ADVANCED) REQUEST Form during the REQUEST Form window.
  • All graduate students are notified via an email from their graduate advisor regarding REQUEST Form windows. Alternately, go to the last two weeks of the month to see if the REQUEST Forms are opened for the coming month.
  • Filling out the REQUEST Form does NOT mean you are registred!!!! 
  • IF and only IF you make it into a studio, you will be notified via email regarding your registration + the location of the studio on the Texas A&M Campus in College Station (usually within 72 hours).
  • You will be registered on a first come, first serve basis as we receive your REQUEST Form. 
  • If you are wait-listed, you will NOT receive an e-mail. You will be notified via email ONLY if a space becomes available. 
  • Please DO NOT EMAIL POWER asking about your registration or wait-list status or about where the studios meet. We will contact you if you are registered (with the building and room number on the Texas A&M Campus), and we will also contact you should you be on the wait list and room becomes available. During registration time, we are busy setting everyone up and communicating with those registered.


When I click on the BASIC or ADVANCE Form, it says "Submissions for this form are closed". Why is this? 

  • If you click on the BASIC and/or ADVANCED REQUEST Form and it says "submissions for this form are closed" it is because we have reached maximum capacity for registration AND the waiting list and/or the REQUEST Formsare simply not open at this time. All graduate students should be notified by their graduate advisors when the REQUEST Forms open. Alternately, go to the last two weeks of the month to see if the REQUEST Forms are opened for the coming month.

What if I make it to the registration list and I need to withdraw?

  • Contact us at least one week before the studio begins should you need to withdraw your registration to allow other students to take your place.
  • We strive to have a full studio and want to provide this opportunity to all TAMU graduate students.